Single issues of AMERARCANA are available for purchase online here, in person or via post at Bird & Beckett Books, 653 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131, over the phone at (415) 586-3733, or via email at amerarcana@gmail.com.

Single copies of the latest issues are $15.00, plus tax and/or $3.00 shipping, if applicable —
$25.00 post-paid (applicable tax included) for institutions.

Most back issues are half-price, plus tax, etc.

Advance two- and three-year subscriptions are also available, and very much worthwhile. Please either send a check with a note indicating which issue you would like your subscription to begin with (current or following), or call the bookshop at (415) 586-3733, or email the editor at amerarcana@gmail.com.

Post-paid Subscription rates are as follows:
Two Issues: $25.00 (individual), $45.00 (institution)
Three Issues: $35.00 (individual), $60.00 (institution)

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