Single issues of AMERARCANA are available for purchase online here, in person or via post at Bird & Beckett Books, 653 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131, over the phone at (415) 586-3733, or via email at amerarcana@gmail.com.

Single copies of the latest issues are $15.00, plus tax and/or $3.00 shipping, if applicable —
$25.00 post-paid (applicable tax included) for institutions.

Back issues are now a mere $10.00, plus tax, etc.

Advance two- and three-year subscriptions are also available, and very much worthwhile. Please either send a check with a note indicating which issue you would like your subscription to begin with (current or following), or call the bookshop at (415) 586-3733, or email the editor at amerarcana@gmail.com.

Post-paid Subscription rates are as follows:
Two Issues: $25.00 (individual), $45.00 (institution)
Three Issues: $35.00 (individual), $60.00 (institution)

The latest issue of the review is also available at various independent bookstores in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. Please do look in at your neighborhood shop.

Ensemble Editions, books published by Bird & Beckett in collaboration with other presses:

Eclipse Babel, by Brian Lucas (2015) 120 pages, $15.00

Chapbooks also available from Bird & Beckett / Impart Ink:

from Book of Kings, by Patrick James Dunagan (2015) 44 pages, $7.50
Young, by Christina Fisher (2013), 24 pages, $4.00
Local News, by Jason Morris (2013) 32 pages, $5.00
Jack of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades, by Jackson Meazle (2012) 20 pages, $4.00
Stances, by Erik Noonan (2012) 52 pages, $7.50
Scoria, by Nicholas James Whittington (2012) 20 pages, $4.00
Slough, by Nicholas James Whittington (2010)32 pages, $5.00


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