Issue SIX coming soon

After an extended hiatus from official AMERARCANA activities, occasioned by the editor’s wedding, followed immediately by his first year of doctoral work, at long last we’re back on track, expecting the new issue to find its way into the world within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for an announcement of an official release reading and celebration very soon.

In the meantime, we’d like to extend apologies to anyone who has been expecting to hear from us over the last 18-24 months and hasn’t. We’ve notified the many folks whose submissions didn’t make it into the new issue, but two individuals have recently reached out to inquire about submissions we can find neither hide nor hair of, so there may be others. We’d been terribly disorganized and distracted for quite a while, so it is quite likely our fault if anything was misplaced. We aim to improve, but can only offer our apologies for recent failings.

The forthcoming issue will feature art by Will Yackulic and writing by Garrett Caples, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Derek Fenner, Jackqueline Frost, Evan Kennedy, Frank Lima, Jason Morris, Rod Roland, Aaron Shurin, Cedar Sigo, Erika Staiti, Richard Tagett, Tara Thomas, and the editor, along with translations of Hafez by Patrick James Dunagan and Ava Koohbor. 128 pages bound in letterpress-printed covers. Pre-order now.

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