Concerning the future of AMERARCANA…

Normally, at this time of year we’d be in the early stages of soliciting work and reading unsolicited submissions for the next issue of AMERARCANA; however, a number of major life events all occurring this summer have prompted the editor to postpone those efforts. Until when? We’re not entirely sure. There will be a sixth issue, but instead of working to put it out in the first quarter of the year (2015) as has been the case with each issue to date, it seems more realistic to aim for the third, or even fourth quarter instead. Watch this space for updates and an official announcement of a fresh open reading period, most likely in the spring. To the many of you who have already sent work over the last six weeks, apologies for not posting this notice before the previously announced standing open period began. We’ll keep your submissions on file, but won’t likely get back to you on them any time soon. Thanks for understanding.

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