June Poetries at B&B

Sunday, June 3 – 2:00 pm
LUXORIUS! translator Art Beck
Opera Omnia: Or, a Duet for Sitar and Trombone

Luxorius, the 6th century provincial Roman poet, lived in North Africa during the time of the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Beck, the 20th/21st century USAmerican poet & translator, lives in the backwater of San Francisco during the twilight of the USAmerican Empire.


Monday, June 4 – 7:00 pm
Tinker Greene & Carrie Hunter

Tinker Greene moved here in 1980. Originally from Vermont, he has spent time in New York City, followed by a decade in BurlingtonVT where he served a lively poetry community as a coordinator. In San Francisco he has photographed, hiked the wilderness, and more recently, issued a series of well-received chapbooks of his own poems, which he distributes for free. He will be reading new work.

Carrie Hunter received her MFA/MA in the Poetics program at New College of California, edits the small chapbook press, ypolita press, and is a member of the Black Radish Books publishing collective. Recent poems appear in Big Bell, TH.CE, and in the video journal Jupiter 88. Chapbooks include Vorticells (Cygist Press), A Musics (Arrow as Aarow), Angel, Unincorporated (Lew Gallery editions), and four chapbooks with the Dusi/e-chap Kollektiv. Her book The Incompossible was published in 2011 by Black Radish Books. She lives in San Francisco.


Sunday, June 17 – 2:00 pm
Matthew Keuter, Matt Sherling & Daniel Suarez

Matthew Keuter’s writing has appeared in journals across the U.S. and U.K. The short Imposition of Living, a book length collection of Poetry is available from Rain Mountain Press, NYC. His plays have been produced in AK, AZ, CA, CO, and New York City.

Matthew Sherling lives in San Francisco, where he likes to create things. You can find his work in The Columbia Review, BIRP!, Fanzine, his own interview blog Cutty Spot, & an upcoming issue of The Believer, among other places. He has just released the first two issues of his online lit magazine Gesture (thegorillapress.com/gesture)

Daniel Suarez in a first generation Cuban-American born and raised in Chicago, IL, and now resides in San Francisco. He is currently in the process of translating the poetry of Robert Creely into Spanish and the poetry of Jose Lezama Lima into English. His poems can be found in the Columbia Poetry Review, Gesture, RHINO, and the VelRo Reader.

Broadsides for each poet made by the extraordinary duo of Jen Kulbeck and Thomas Edler will be available for purchase at the reading.


Monday, June 18 – 7:00 pm
Noel Black, Cralan Kelder & Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Noel Black lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, artist Marina Eckler, and their son Ursen. Co-founder with Ed Berrigan of LOG Magazine and publisher of the Angry Dog Midget Editions in the late 1990s, he has since worked as a writer and producer for a wide variety of media outlets including The Stranger and WNYC. He currently works as a producer for KRCC public radio. He is the author of six chapbooks, including Hulktrans (Owl Press, 2008) and In The City of Word People (Blue Press, 2008). His most recent book of poetry is USELYSSES (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011).

Cralan Kelder was born in 1970 and grew up between California and The Netherlands. An anthropologist by training, he has edited numerous literary magazines, including Full Metal Poem and Retort. His latest book is Give Some Word, published by Shearsman. Previous books include: Lemon Red (Coracle 2005), and City Boy (Longhouse 2007). He lives in Amsterdam with his wife, the evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers, and their children.

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux grew up in Louisiana and later moved to San Francisco, California, where she lives with her husband, fellow poet and co-publisher of Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions, Micah Ballard. Her first full length collection, Palm to Pine, was published by Bootstrap Press in 2011.

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