It’s OUT!

The magazine has arrived! Come & get it! Then come again to the bookshop for the AMERARCANA 2012 RELEASE READING: Thursday, May 17th from 7:00 pm — Bill Berkson, Duncan McNaughton, David Meltzer, Jackson Meazle, Jason Morris, Erik Noonan, Cedar SigoTisa Walden & your erstwhile editor are expected to be in attendence. Less likely to appear are Joanne Kyger, Sarah Menefee, Jeffrey Joe Nelson, Will Skinker & Colter Jacobsen. Certain not to appear is Rodrigo Lira, as he no longer walks this earth, but who knows, perhaps his translators Rodrigo Olavarria & Thomas Rothe will show… Regardless, it’s sure to be a grand event, with wine & words aplenty. Clicking on the underlined text above will gain you access to the flier I’ve composed for the occasion. We’ll be sending out an email announcement soon. Please do help us out by forwarding it along to any & all who may be interested. If you’d like to receive emails about the magazine itself & occasional other relevancies, please let us know at:

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